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3 Nov 2017

Lineage II  Victoria  Preview

L2Victoria  Custom Server  x1200

First of all im glad to present a brand new L2Victoria Interlude PvP Server. We improved many features witch dont have many others servers its easy farming, perfect balance in pvp and olympiad. Im sure that everyone who will join will like this server and stay to play for a long time. About forum events with special rewards on our grand opening, register on forum and stay tuned. Thank you.

L2Victoria  Live  Streaming

3 Nov 2017
Primarily, project Victoria is unique, it is not just interlude custom server, it's new game based on Interlude client with some of High Five features. Server developed to give player much fun as possible it include gameplay for solo players and party or clan.

We are develope new game mechanic, unique gameplay , reworked all necessery designs and functions.

Another reason to play at our server - comfortable game atmosphere, some farm, allot PvP !
Server Hosted by Infinity

Join our Lineage world to feel the satisfaction of discovering somethink new while playing somethink nostalgic and familiar at the same time.
It's not just a game it's an infection!

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